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About Skala



is an organisational unit of the private-owned, non-profit, non-governmental and apolitical organisation, the Salesianum Institute, which has been providing informal education for children and youth for more than 20 years. Operating in the Fužine housing estate in Ljubljana, youth are invited to join our programmes on the playground by our mobile youth centre, called the Minibus of Joy, from where they are directed towards structured activities, such as the daily centre, sports, music and youth circus.


“Education is a matter of the heart.” (Saint John Bosco)



Regular programmes


The Minibus of Joy is a mobile youth centre and the hub of youth street education, a meeting point for all youth and a starting point for further educational work with both individuals and groups.  Its programme consists of three parts: one part is intended for education and informal learning, the second to creative activities and the last to entertainment, fun and sports activities. The Minibus of Joy is also an intergenerational interaction centre, since its programmes are attended not only by children and youth, but also by their parents, grandparents and other friends of Skala. The Minibus of Joy thus, with its presence, offers high-quality spending of leisure time and collaboration and co-creation of the programme by all visitors.


The Daily Centre is intended for elementary school children of 6 to 15 years of age. It plays a prevention role and as an alternative for spending leisure time, learning and socialising in a high-quality manner. The Daily Centre includes activities, such as tutoring, creative workshops and interest groups. Through all these three aspects, youth are provided with the feeling of being unique and accepted, in addition to receiving positive reinforcements. Our main objective is to transform the Skala Youth Centre into an area, where youth feel safe and that there is someone at their disposal whom they can trust. For this purpose, the Daily Centre enables us to monitor youth even more closely in both a group and one-on-one setting, in addition to placing great emphasis on continuous interactions with parents.


Modern-day youth lead a sedentary lifestyle and lack fitness. By spending all the time in front of various screens, they compromise their motor skills. Heavy school bags and busy schedules lead to burnout … Since 2012, Fuskabo has been aiming to teach youth circus skills whose purpose is to eliminate the majority of the issues listed above. Our work is based on becoming acquainted with and mastering various circus requisites in addition to becoming able to express oneself through them. Major emphasis is placed on social circus, a safe platform for high-quality and free-of-charge spending of leisure time.


This programme includes a band called “Perspectives”. Music enables youth to create a creative environment, in which they can pursue musical endeavours, strengthen their self-esteem, improve their motor skills, teamwork and forge new friendships.
More recently, we have been bringing together and enhancing team-based circus and music creativity. Youth that participate in the circus and musical band join their forces, offering a new experience and added value to the programme. Many trainings, coordination, perseverance and team collaboration are required to create a circus-music harmony demonstrating youth and joy.


Football (soccer) is an activity that strengthens our relationships with youth, teaches them how to collaborate in a team and to respect each other. During organised morning trainings, youth develop their motor skills and prepare for the day in a high-quality manner. By playing in the Salesian Sports League, they expand their social capital and learn how to behave responsibly.

Extraordinary programmes or activities – Intergenerational events

CHESTNUT PICNIC – is a traditional October event during which we roast chestnuts and bring together all participants of our programmes and their parents, as Don Bosco also used socialising while eating roasted chestnuts for educational purposes. The main purpose of the picnic is to bring its participants closer and to build relationships.
NEW YEAR’S EVE PARTY – during the magical final month of the year, Skala’s employees join forces with youth that participate in its programmes to prepare a festive entertainment programme, some snacks and warm drinks. All the participants have a wonderful time celebrating the upcoming new year. By wishing everyone a Happy New Year, participants of the event enter the New Year with new hopes and dreams.
PARENTS’ DAY – the purpose of Parents’ Day is intergenerational socialising and raising awareness on the importance of family as a value. The event takes place in the afternoon by the Minibus of Joy.
FUŽINE FEAST is a one-day sports-entertainment event, whose main purpose is to overcome our cultural, ethnic and social differences, socialise in a joyful and relaxed atmosphere and promote intergenerational interactions. The event consists of sports activities, workshops and entertainment programme. It is organised in collaboration with youth and volunteers involved in our programmes.
END OF SCHOOL YEAR PARTY – at the end of the year, Skala prepares an event, during which youth presents to all other participants what they have learnt and created during our educational activities throughout the past school year. Many youth also receive special recognitions. The party always includes a dancing programme that enables us to start off the summer holidays in a fun way.


1 – Skala strives to promote mutual support and collaboration between youth, their parents and its employees.
2 – Skala strives to promote successful team work, joint seeking of solutions and listening to one another that lead to a great performance and satisfaction.
3 – Skala builds innovative programmes, designed to promote curiosity and interest among youth. All our programmes are an answer to all the developments and changes in our social environment.
4 – Skala strives to network in its area of work, meaning that it seeks to collaborate with other organisations and institutions involved in social and health care and the educational sector in an active and well-thought-out manner, in order to provide complementary services to the existing services available to youth.
5 – By undergoing continuous prevention youth street work method-related trainings, Skala promotes proactivity, creativity and conscious and active participation in society.


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