Open call for ESC volunteers

Youth street work & youth and social circus

Skala invites two international volunteers under the ESC program for the 2020/2021 school year. Project starts on 1. September 2020 and ends on 31. July 2021.

We are looking for two volunteers:

1. Volunteering in youth street work (educational program Minibus of joy)
– Most of the time the participant will be involved in the program Minibus veselja (Minibus of joy = experience youth street work, work with children and youth, work with immigration topics, work in and with community, spend a lot of time outdoor, a lot of opportunities for creativity, a lot of opportunities for sports, physical activity and movement).
– A participant will also get an opportunity to experience circus program (train and learn circus, prepare and implement social circus workshops, the final performance).

2. Volunteering in the Cirkus Fuskabo (youth and social circus project)
The participant will be involved in regular and extraordinary programs of the Cirkus Fuskabo such as: social circus classes, youth circus school, participation in the preparation and implementation of circus workshops and performances outside the organization, etc. Prior knowledge and experience in the field of circus is desirable.

About Skala

Hosting organisation: Zavod Salesianum, OE Skala, Ob Ljubljanici 36, 1000 Ljubljana

Skala is a centre of opportunities for children and youth with 25 year experiance. We are a team of 5 co-workers. Mainly we work with young people from 6 to 18 years (vulnerable, immigrants, living in urban residential complex), they are our primary target group but besides that we also work with their families and with local community. In our organisation we have more programmes: Club, Daily center, Minibus veselja (Minibus of joy – youth street work), Circus Fuskabo (school of social and youth circus), Projects for families and more generations, Football team. In our work we try to follow the principles of Don Bosco’s preventive system.

More about our work:  

Summary of the project

Project title: Street work and social circus for raising the quality of life in the local community

Project duration: 1.9.2020 – 31.7.2021 (11 months)

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

The project will support two volunteers, who should benefit from the experience in terms of non-formal and informal education and support them towards greater employability and facilitate their transition to the labor market. The project aims to contribute to our target group – the social inclusion of a vulnerable group of children and young immigrants (especially the first and second generations).  The project will help organizations to share human capital and knowledge and become more professional. We will spread awareness of solidarity and opportunities for international cooperation at all levels of the community.

The following costs are covered for the duration of the project: travel expenses (arrival and departure), accommodation, food and drink, Slovenian language course, pocket money, etc.

If you are interested, please send your CV and contact us!

Youth street work:

Youth and social circus:

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