Študentka Aino na praksi

My adventure in Slovenia

I feel really lucky, that I even find Skala and have a change to have my practicum in here. Arranging things in strange country without anyone who I would know before was sometimes difficult. But with help of my colleagues I managed to arrange many things when google translate couldn´t. Thank you so much for that precious help!

When I was a child, I was admiring circus performances. But because I´m from a small village, there wasn´t any possibilities to have that kind of hobby. So, I was exited when I heard about social circus: Fuskabo. Being part of the learning progress was the best part. It was amazing to see group´s and my own skills developing. But if someone would say me on the first day that I will be part of the new year´s performance, I wouldn´t believe it. It was a great finish for my stay in Ljubljana.

In minibus and daily center, I get really into local life style. I met the people, who I probably wouldn´t met in other case and saw the places which existence I wouldn´t even know before. For example, I collected chestnuts for a first time in my life, because we don´t have those trees in Finland. And I also tasted roasted chestnuts in Chestnut picnic. I also met Saint Nikolaus in Fužine. I get familiar with a habit of sharing food and having meals as a social interaction, which I respect a lot. And using “Dober tek” every time, even if your friend is having a small snack. This can sound strange, but in Finland people focus more to eating. Finish people have worlds longest time of standing quietness, which can be the reason why speaking is not obligatory all the time. But I still feel that Finns should take some influence from these habits.

It would be easy to stay to my hometown, but then I would be a lot poorer than now. And I´m really glad that you accepted this pale girl from Finland part of the group.

Thank you, ones again, being part of my journey!

This burek babica will remember these four months for rest of her life!

And I hope paths of our lives will cross again.

<3  Aino [ai:nou]